About Chris Milton Consulting

Chris Milton Consulting have been providing Technology consultancy services to a number of clients over the past five years mainly in the Financial, Education and Government Sectors.

Chris is a highly techically profficient consultant with over 18 years experience in the development and delivery of bespoke software systems. This has ranged from full Architectural consultancy, Analysis and Design, Software development and Project Managment

Focusing mainly on the Java/J2EE with STRUTS, JSP and JSF and other web technologies such PHP and Ruby/Ruby on Rails, Chris has a also worked in C/C++ and many other languages. More recently his attention has been focused on Web Architectures, Remote and Mobile computing and the implementation of richer web applications through the AJAX and DHTML.


Chris is also a keen musician and recording engineer playing in local bands and being involved in the recording of local artists as well as his own material.

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